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THANATOS Concentrate

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Thanatos is a safe, non-toxic all natural wetting agent and may be used in both soil and hydroponic applications -Improves contact of sprays on both plants foliage and soil. -Lengthens contact of sprays on both plants in soil applications. - Improves the lateral movement of sprays in soil application. - Increases the rate of moisture penetration in soil and other growing media. - Reduces surface tension of sprays and thus helps to maintain cleaner lines and drippers. - Has a low impact on beneficial insects. - will not burn leaf tissue. An all-natural, multipurpose wetting agent for foliar and hydroponic system. More details...
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THANATOS Concentrate
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THANATOS Concentrate

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Product Details
For Foliar application: mix 250 mls (1 cup) of concentrate per gallon (3.78 liters) of water. Apply weekly or as needed. For Hydroponic systems, apply 2-3 ml per gallon of nutrient solution weekly or with nutrients solution change.

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